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Out of Line - Jen McLaughlin, Diane Alberts 3.5 stars

The storyline was refreshingly different from other new adult books I've read even though it isn't an entirely original idea. But it doesn't feature a tortured/abused woman running from her past, so that instantly grabbed my attention. Not that those have been bad, it's just I've seen a lot of them out there.

I loved the chemistry between Carrie and Finn, and despite Finn's pitfalls, I really liked him. Carrie was a really sweet girl who used her money for good, donated her extra clothing, worked in a soup kitchen every week, etc, but sometimes she seemed awfully stupid and irrational with her decisions for someone who has such a good head on her shoulders. What kept me from loving their relationship was how quickly it evolved. It seemed to take no time at all to venture into love territory and, despite their obvious chemistry, that just didn't sit well with me. I realize that love can and does happen that quickly sometimes, but in this case I just didn't 'feel' it. :( Hopefully with more to come we'll get more development and I'll start to.

I liked how it was mostly resolved in the end, even if there is something that could possibly be major looming for the next book.