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Losing Francesca - J.A. Huss Full of love, longing, and the search for truth, JA Huss had me captivated from the beginning. What happened twelve years ago and is this girl really Fiona or is she Francesca? There was so many unanswered questions and mystery along the way that I was constantly theorizing.

Entering the US, Francesca is recognized as a child who was kidnapped twelve years ago. Her claims otherwise don't really add up as she fails polygraphs about her identity, has multiple passports, and refuses to talk about her life, her father, or what he does. She is sent to live with the Sullivan's, who believe her to be Fiona, and she does everything she can do to be rude, hateful, and disrespectful toward them. All she wants is to go home and get back to her life. Nobody knows what that life entails, though. Who is she, really?

Then she meets Brody and as she gets to know him, she softens. We start to see a little bit of who she really is, and how she's not a hateful, hurtful person, she just wants her life back. But as she and Brody spend more time together, she starts to question everything she knows. She sees a picture of Fiona, and even she has to admit she looks an awful lot like the missing girl. We see a lot of internal as well as external struggle, and JA Huss writes it all very well.

Although this is labeled as New Adult, I definitely see crossover appeal for YA as well as Adult. There's no graphic scenes that would make it inappropriate for younger readers and it's a story that transcends age at the basic core. Who are we really? Does it matter who we were twelve years ago, or now? Or does it only matter who we want to be?