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Catching Fire (Tersulut)  - Hetih Rusli, Suzanne  Collins A shocking follow-up to The Hunger Games, I was thoroughly impressed by Suzanne Collins ability to keep the suspense of the story as well as the darkness it entails going while allowing the reader to believe every word she writes. It seemed Katniss took a long while to connect any dots, but she never feels she is as important as she really is, so that actually makes sense that she has to have things explained to her. I felt sad and desolate when I came to the end and Peeta is taken by the capitol while she is left to figure things out in her own way. I am excited to start Mockingjay now and see how it all ends, although I am not looking forward to it all ending!

*Update - read Sept 2010 and Apr 2012. Still loved it just as much as I did then. It's a completely different experience knowing the outcome, but not in a bad way.