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Obviously I love books. I'm here, aren't I? :)

The Name of the Star - Maureen Johnson I have owned this book for quite some time. It was the first book I purchased when I received my Kindle as a present. I finally picked it up and read it. I am SO glad I did. I don't know what took me so long; it's not like I'm not a fan of Maureen Johnson. I have enjoyed everything I've read by her and her twitter feed amuses me regularly. Whatever the case, I'm just glad I finally read it. :)

It took a little bit to get into it. I think, as is usually the case, it was a lack of time I could devote in one sitting to be swept away by the story, the characters. About halfway through, though, I had trouble wanting to put it down when need be. (For some reason, my kids have the worst timing when they wake up... lol).

I felt like Rory was strong in the sense that she left America to attend a school in a country to which she's never been. The times others were trying to make her feel uncomfortable she killed them with kindness, and family stories. I thought this was very well done. I felt the story was a bit slow going in the beginning, building up to the 'action', but it was very well written so it didn't bother me too much. I love a good story, so I don't mind trudging if need be. Also, just like the people in the story, serial killers (especially those who have never been identified) intrigue me. So the concept had me at the start. I was very interested to see what she was going to do with it.

My plan is no spoilers. I can say, however, that the ending... I did not see coming. I saw some things (ha! pun not intended, actually) that I wasn't sure I was supposed to see 'yet', but that... I didn't guess, predict. Made total sense, but still. As soon as it happened, I was like "Oh... that makes perfect sense. It fits." Plus, I was starting to wonder where she would go with a follow up. Now I know. I'm very curious to see what happens with Rory and her friends in The Madness Underneath.