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Obviously I love books. I'm here, aren't I? :)

A Mud Pie for Mother - Scott Beck A wonderful book about the power of kindness and respect.

Little Pig wants to get his mother a birthday gift and he goes off in search of the perfect present. Each item he encounters, however, "belongs" to someone else - the flower is the bee's favorite, the hay makes the cow's bed, the seeds are food for the hen and her chicks, and the dirt is the farmer's wife's garden. Each time Little Pig gets ready to take something the animals/wife intervene and ask him not to. He relents and just says he will find something else. He is discouraged once he puts the dirt back in the garden for the farmer's wife but is quickly rewarded for his kindness and respect of others' things - the farmer's wife give him a loaf of bread; the hen give him eggs; the cow gives him milk; and the bee gives him honey. Each thank him for not taking what they had wanted to keep. So Little Pig is able to make his mother a wonderful birthday gift - breakfast!