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Going Bovine - Libba Bray I am on the fence on the star rating (b/t 3 and 4), but I think I'll stick with this rating. I found the beginning of the book to be the best part. In humor, setup, and general enjoyability. It sagged some for me in the middle but kept me interested, which was good. I felt as if the trip was very slow going at times. Most of the time I didn't believe he had really left the hospital, that it was all a fantastical dream, but other times I wavered - because the hospital 'flashes'happened so far apart (and, truth be told, books that feature supernatural elements are so prominent nowadays - but it was a nice change from that.) I suppose there's always the chance he just went through a wormhole and is now living a parallel universe though. Given the context of the book that could be. :) Overall I did enjoy the story and the characters. The idea of what there is to live for and what living really means (as Cameron came to realize at the end) were presented fairly well, albeit spelled out in the end, and it really made me start to root for Cameron *not* to die. I enjoyed a lot of the aspects of the book overall but wish some of it had been more subtle. Definitely would recommend it to others, though. (I feel as if this is a very disjointed review, but oh well.)